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Drinking filters reducing 99% of lead plus  76 other contaminants & Shower filters removing 90% Chlorine


Whole House Solution

As a house owner you may want to consider a more permanent and longer lasting water filtering solution for your entire home.


Owning any of the drinking filters is the least expensive privilege to infinite access to fresh, clear, clean and great tasting water.


Out and about and saving the planet by using a filtering bottle to refill your water needs with tap water near by.


90% of chlorine and synthetic chemicals removed by our shower filter to ensure your skin and hair protection in daily cleaning rituals.

We propose affordable Eco-Friendly Water Filtering Solutions in Thailand. We care as much about living healthy as we wish to actively protect the environment. By staying updated on water filtering technology, we want to inform on the importance and benefits of good water filtering and offer adapted solutions. Making water filtering the norm for drinking water, we can all contribute to producing less waste for our beautiful planet whilst drinking and showering in quality water.

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If you can’t find information or answers you are looking for or are not sure what is your best water filtering option, please drop us a message and let us know how we can help you. We are here to assist you anytime and guide you to make the best choice according to your needs.

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Installation Tips

Aside from the Whole House solution filters, our filters are installed so easily and rapidly that you do not need a professional. Please follow the video links provided for each of the water filtering options and you will see for yourself! We remain always a call or message away if you need any assistance!

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Replacements and Spare Parts

We believe in Repair, Reuse and Recycle. Thus, if your water filtering  machine suffers from any condition that prevents it to deliver its great job, share the symptoms with us as we might have a solution to have it back up and running by a simple maintenance trick to try or by changing a spare part.

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Good for you – good for the environment

Save big bucks, stay healthy and save the Planet!

Our water filtering Claryum® 6 Months cartridges set will cost you 2,555 THB. It delivers 1,700 liters of filtered water which is the equivalent of 1,130 bottles of 1.5 liters.  Each 1.5 liters of filtered water costs 2.26 THB.

We surveyed the price of local and imported mineral water of reputable brands commonly purchased in Bangkok with price ranging from 47THB up to 109THB. The average price of these 5 brands is 80 THB per bottle of 1.5 liters.

NSF Certified Water Filters

Trusted By Millions of People All Over the Globe

While many companies are content with a Standard 42 Certification (Chlorine taste and odor) for drinking filters and systems, Aquasana wants their customers to know that their water filtering products are thoughtfully engineered to reduce not only what can be seen and tasted, but also the harmful contaminants that have no taste nor smell. We are proud to have water filtering products tested by the NSF or to NSF Standards, far beyond what’s needed to put that little blue circle on the label.